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Ancient Earth Candle Co.

“Eastern Cedar Musk” Scented Candle

“Eastern Cedar Musk” Scented Candle

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Smooth Woody notes of cedar and oak trees, combined with calming lavender were used in ancient cultures for relaxation and sleep. 

Indulge in a fragrant journey to a wooded sanctuary with Eastern Cedar Musk.

  • Note of Cedar Musk + Lavender + Oak 

 Our handcrafted concrete candles are made with a coconut blend wax and Now Made with Whisper Crackling Wood Wicks!  Handmade in small batches to be High quality, Eco friendly and  sustainable, using only  Non toxic Ingredients and materials.  They are truly one of a kind, marrying ancient craft and culture with modern trends, making them  the perfect gift for yourself or others. 

Net Wt: 11 oz (311g) and 55+ hours optimal burn time

Net Wt: 9 oz ( 255g)  and 45+ hours optimal burn time

Net Wt: 6 oz (170g) and 35+ hours optimal burn time

Net Wt: 5 oz (141g) and 20+ hours optimal burn time

-Please Note We Marry our Unique Fragrances with The Color and Style Vessel that suites it best so you don't have to make the hard decision. Each one is made by hand so no two are exactly alike. 

 Trim your Wood wicks to a 1/8 inch, (Just above the wax level )  before every burn, to ensure a clean and slow burn every time. Pinch or cut off any charred wick left over from prior burn to establish a good light.  Do not burn down to the bare bottom. Your candle has reached the end of its life when there is at least 1/4 inch of wax left. You may scrape out any remaining wax, gently pry up the wick/ wick sticker and clean the vessel with warm soapy water to Be repurposed!

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